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Health Insurance(Around the World) is the Key For Success Life

This is Great Information Regarding Health Insurance is the Basic Thing for the People in the world whom they are living in the Risky Areas or Enviroment or They are in Tribal Crises. Health is the Basic Thing For him or Her.
Health Insurance around the world there are many companies are working with different Prospectus or Packages or Policies , Some Companies are working as a locally from the Country and some are International and many Insurance Companies in the society they Fraud Them People for Getting them Policies and Their agents are real but Companies are in the Fraud (Spammer ) in the Different Counties These Companies are Specially Found From Indian , Pakistan and others.

Health Insurance is the Key of success there are many peoples are been Covered From Diffrent Diseases as these Diseases are found in the Danger Life in these Situtaion People are getting Benifit From these Companies are availbe internationally or locally. They Got Bigger Policies For Their Life in Danger.

As there are many policies are running in the world Health Policy, Car Insurance, Bike Insurance and many others. we are talking about Health Insurance.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Exercise, lose weight, new food, eats up leave that you will surprised to

From otope, all is but dream of hard exercise not just everyone and most people how want to workout without smart owned the body trouble.The world's biggest food company, to fulfill the dream of those nisley really began preparing for a diet that reduces the weight of the food instead of moving it to eat and lose weight too, namely decrease. The company's headquarters in Geneva, scientists have discovered a complex chemical interactions can produce changes in the body that exercises such as from sit and sit your body fat from the phrase. Meta bolesm sakamoto said in the body of the scientist nisley full control of AMPK is to Enzyme. When we exercise it Enzyme is the process of melting the fat with dynamic starts and other changes. To discover new Like the C13 composite Enzyme, it is a dynamic influence on the exercise and a reduction in body fat, he starts to occur. This diet beverage or in the form of a Tablet An adjunct will be ready and it will be introduced for those who initially due to illness or disability can't exercise.On the other hand, the Glasgow University Professor Naveed Sattar Gospel hit he hasn't seen. In the past, says there has been an attempt to prepare food, but could not win. They think exercise does not compensate Kai.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Healthy egg from mental diseases, the American motor industry research

Do you want to avoid the weakness of the mental disorder of memory tovkar no matter it will eat the eggs.A new Famous of medical research in the US claimed it came in.According to tufts University, the American media must also continue under the research on two groups a group were two eggs a day experiments were conducted, during which Opening was excluded from them on the other.After that the Group of people who use the egg brain functions in various mental diseases from which satisfactory increase, according to the research conducted by Oxidants liottin and two antibiotics may help eggs are the best way to improve mental functions sikis Fire team weakness of memory and mental disorder are less likely to be in the More.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Yawning is the habit of taking little with age, experts say

Now watch out, because old age by now accustomed to hide the women and make-up etc can not reveal all secrets to hide from Yawning but not this one.Yes, in America, a study revealed that in the process of taking this amazing Yawning
decreased with increasing age and if there is a complete inability to understand that you really miss the soul have been old.Experts said that Yawning is a habit which is also possible to determine the age of the mind to przara will put little strength. Yawning

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rupture of the Heart and may cause Death

When a person in the memory of a loved weeping John to be passed, we are saying that the death of heart breaking scientists. The ideology of old age, according to truth and showed that the grief and the loss of you to supplement deadly damaging.

in a study has been observed that a friend or reasonably close relatives in the human body death fight infectious diseases of enormous impact on different ability. Research tells that is why there is no widow woman or man immediately after his companion's death to do, even though his health this time of the accident is undeniable.

Research on the subject at the University of Birmingham team., according to which the population of our blood is called troves, which are bacterial infection by new deadly diseases such as pneumonia, etc., are we safe from fighting, he said. This niotrovles of the effects of trauma are affected badly. At the time of this research were scientists from the blood of men and women affected by the recent trauma, a sample of niotrovles observed that the ability of these cells to fight against germs shock on impact? In the event that they were not affected by the new trefoils trauma of youth over the age of 65, while the new trefoils trauma as a result of the longer people are no longer able to compete with germs THE deadly infection, which face the pneumococcal form. Dr. said that in this regard the killer pneumonia sockets. Dr. said that this deadly diseases to spread the bacteria are around us and the deadly are When a person of the fight against the new Trofils ability and I lost some people shock at the effects of personality that they take their life is essential medicines are forget

Eat the meat good news for people :Report

You think you will be in the special food which pieces of meat nectarous cheese pieces of food and fertilizer the invitation to visit the foods but they are more people who take the protein foods are in the risk of high blood pressure than those people is very rare that the protein accustomed to eat foods are near the US researchers daily the people who are taking 102 grams of protein in danger of high blood pressure that relatively less than the amount to protein 40 are percent daily.

To the question, where food, it is almost four pieces of the meat of 102 grams of protein, are five chicken pieces of the chest or Egyptian ascarides 10 tons of the same amount of protein. The previous investigations are also that the protein make foods for example eggs or foods blood pressure in the qualities of pie.

In addition to this, in addition to the Protein fibers also in high blood pressure are 59 percent due to the lack of blood pressure was increased as payer tension in medical language" is silent killer" is in the name of several such In this tough symptoms is found not if the treatment, it is the scope and swimming.

Eleven years old SC regularly encounter pornography on the Internet :Research

Online pornography had roots are embedded in our society that something like this, the new generation has to say that, during online activities at random each day they face because of pornography and pornography Internet old unwillingly to access pornographic material is very easy.

A recent UK survey of young people in hobbies and activities online information has been received and reviewed the negative effects of pornography online.

Most of those polled said the youth these days and immoral or offensive to exchange photos and videos has become a routine matter and consider it part of their daily routines.

Institute of Public Policy Research, "reviewed the report, United Kingdom 11 years old child regularly online pornographic material or not an individual face and 14 years of age, 54% of the web porn and nude videos began to see turn.

The youths 68 percent twenty first century in schools to meet the needs of the sexual education of support and a young man from every three says that primary school children to negative pornography must be informed and it is much better for them if they sexual education in primary parties knowledgeable about it.

Institute of international Dania glem head which was under the leadership of this survey said that youth in the life of online pornography poison has been full online pornography of young people like the formation of behavior is a very disturbing situation toward the.

Online safety N.S.P.C.C. head of suspects lily has warned that online pornography children on this point of view may be a common and sexual behavior is considered acceptable because of this trend young boys to girls understand anything of a show and On the other hand girls are themselves in the shape of the film and actresses on more line seems to be.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sitting in one place for a long time due to disability in old age may be, Research

According to a study in old age sitting in one place for long can cause disability.According to the North America Western university research people under 60 or more spend most of the time, they sit jodan handicapped concerns in order to be able to get on the right side. Experts say that keep in mind that not only every hour to be sitting somewhere you may cause to the disabled, but also more dangerous disease extent is.

The use of sugar in order to check the laser may be possible, experts say

American medical experts to check sugar level in the body in the near future, gotta tell that laser can be possible to use. Washington has been prepared in a research laser machine the skin without affecting the patient's body with Palm sugar from the molecules address will be applied. Experts say that any patient's laser machine sugar level can be determined over the next two months eighty four percent accurate laser machine will be available in the market.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dengue fever vaccine will be available next year in preparation for success

Dengue fever a vaccine have been medicine organization against sanofi pastior is produced. Today, it is being tested on children affected by the virus. According to global media dengue fever vaccine being ready to misuse of different stages of experiments are on. In this regard, the results of the clinical trial are the latest to be positive but despite all that, the experts are the concerns. Their stance is that it cannot be said with certainty that this vaccine so far, dengue fever is, according to the extent to which effective against pastior three-stage experiments sanofi, and during this time will be different clinical trial rental. In this regard, the results of the first phase of the clinical trial, while the other commonly inject 60.8% are proved to be effective and in this way the original goal has been achieved. 60 this medication.8% effective means to be dengue cases by half, according to its makers, is the lack of medicine organization by using the number of severely ill individuals sanmofi vaccine also will be reduced to a large extent, according to an estimate of 15 million people each year worldwide, dengue is the most number of them are children. Due to the correct medical resources available, as well as several hundred people die: yet they shall flee away. Yet there is no mention of how this injection will be the price. However, the drug makers Institute consists of two decades on his research so far has spent 1.3 billion euros. Next year there are plans to register this vaccine until mid-2015, so that it could be available in the market in the second half.

Monday, September 8, 2014

The use of vitamin c could help stroke prevention :Research

An important part of human diet is entitled as a result of receiving the required amount not entitled to aoransani body in the form of different types of diseases, their use as a whole life in front of you, it is necessary for the exceeding greatness of his power to come, according to a new study by medical experts that in France the use of vitamin c could help prevent stroke in healthy and affected by the stroke, Pont apricot University 65 Vitamin c in the blood samples of people review the use of vitamin c-rich items has a known blood pressure in stroke control by doing such dangerous disease and stroke concerns are considerably less.

Oppression to remove sexually transmitted energy instead of the tomato juice useful

Medical Experts say oppression to energy for many people instead of the tomato juice.Greece is more useful in the investigation, according to the tomato juice drink more than the players unfit.
Medical Experts say morning exercise after the tomato juice creates a better blood during the tomato juice cancer and is due to heart diseases is safe for two months in the juice from drinking protien body is also lack of

A human being is every 40 seconds in the world, suicide: said WHO

According to a report by the World Health Organisation who in the world every 40 seconds to take his life by suicide a person takes.The report said suicide is a major problem of ' healthcare ' often people in society are to speak. 

Incidents of suicide in the year 2020, who wants to scale down 10 percent, but warned that there is a strategy to prevent suicide in only 28.Social workers say that in this regard, 
There is a need for more education on the school level from all over the world WHO committed suicide on 10 years of research and analysis of the data in a variety of ways.The analysis of makhs is as follows: Eight million people annually take their lives by suicide.It is the second major cause of death in the 15 to 29 years. People over the age of 70 years of his life are more at risk of infections. One-third of those who commit suicide was related to low paying class. 
Suicide deaths in rich countries women are three times more than men 's.According to the report, fire arms and siriley to reduce the access to suicide from a reduction in the incidents of chemical materials and suicide prevention strategy at the national level for the difference in such a strategy but less than tratat was adopted.The World Health Organisation (who) Chief Dr. Margaret Chan said that in order to deal with a major public health problem, 
This report measures goes on to speak of. This is a problem in society, people often are to speak.Connect mental health issues People don't go to the doctor because of a social spot, which is why they tend to commit suicide.Who said Hollywood actor Robin oilyams's death by suicide in the media as to the details of the report reporting incidents were also criticized.Rupert was said to countries in the steps to help those who have in the past tried to commit suicide, because suicide is more at risk to them. Bangaman be campaigning against suicide in Britain told the BBC that I think should be a heightened awareness of suicide and people believe that they need to be thinking of how to respectfully with people to commit suicide.He added that "the level of awareness about suicide and schools should be more on education for young people, it is known that figures to take their lives are more at risk of infections.

The daily 90-minute talk, sugar stand be saved

In medical research in the UK, experts say, people at the time of its daily seating only 90 minutes to avoid the risk of diabetes reduced, they can type. Research shows that to be more effective for the protection from diabetes type slow lifestyle from the procedure. Moderate physical activities that do not need too much or for

Perhaps the greatest medical experts who are energetic

Japanese experts say that perhaps the greatest increase in the ability to understand and that ERE thinking mind becomes even better blood circulation. The results of research on hundreds of people lost, ere chiong has proven to be more quickly than others that people are able to complete their work and obtained from

Do not sleep in the improvement of health and diminish the weight Wizard

Weight reduction is not only beneficial for your health and weight loss could succeed in bringing in sleep and definitely will improve. " Recent research has proven that reducing your weight by 5% during the period of 6 months in adults who sleep too much improvement was seen.The people who took part in the programs of losing weight, sleep quality and mood were positive changes in the note. 

Honao calls in this regard, as well as other research also shows that weight loss is the reason for quiet a long sleep. To reduce the overall weight of at least 5 per cent of the people who have better sleep quality nindaka more people to lose weight ", while more have been recorded.

Honey is Best Soultion for Your Health

Honey is beneficial not only for your body as a whole, but it is also rich with features of nail mahasey. Honey is a natural antibiotic and bktirel. Honey in addition to naturally in your body can maintain its moisture. However, honey alone will not cure your nail keel but it you can use it in other things. 

Such as, cinnamon, milk, yogurt can also use up to here in star bare. Of cinnamon and honey mask two to take a spoonful of honey, cinnamon and spoon. Cinnamon is not just anti bktirel but it is also anti microbial. (Some are destroyed and it prevents the germs to bktiria as other yeast such as honey with yogurt and milk to make masks for viruses etc finge full tablespoons of grease in a honey yogurt mix. 

A lot of people can produce milk nail mahasey. They said That it what happens from swallowing it just lost Moon nail mahasey Lama. But this article is for use. This clears the asmout annoying skin and redness. In the end, astrabre and honey mask. 3 tablespoons fresh astrabre tea in it take three honey mix. Usually treatment is based on chemicals, star barry salese consists in the East. Allows to neutralize salese mild bacterial eye infections. You can use them in different ways. But it will be applied for fifteen minutes a day.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Eating more fruits and vegetables does not lose weight: New Research

How to fill their bellies with fruits and vegetables to reduce weight usually is used as a strategy.But researchers at the University of Birmingham, albama attached to an effective way of losing weight this time-tested prescription is declared.Experts say this review several studies showed no reduction in body weight, eating more fruits and vegetables does not occur.Researchers have fruits and vegetables in tech and weight loss effects of more than 1,200 participants, focusing on statistics, which were obtained as a result of the pilot experiments, to seven controlled used in the analysis.The results of that analysis of diet fruits and vegetables have the slightest effect on the displayed weight loss.

In the journal clinical nutrition hiding research experts has said that in the context of a healthy diet to lose weight You have to reduce the in-tech kilorez (Harare).YouTube-public health school, instructors and researchers in the team of Catherine Kaizer said, I do not think that just eating fruits and vegetables is an efficient method for weight loss. Because fruits and vegetables combined with any food, even food, weight loss isn't likely.

He said that while in the past where these fruits and vegetables have been associated with an increase in the weight down, but no evidence was found in their research that moves weight from eating high amounts of fruits and vegetables.He said the use of vegetables and fruits is very useful in this respect that vitamins and fiber are combined with the same food.

Kaizer the benefits of fruits and vegetables, said the importance of weight in place of healthy food for people Assumption of using more and more fruits and vegetables, according to the results of the very common, but not in those Diet imare was seen eating fruits and vegetables which were Diet.

Catherine kazier from the point of view of the people, according to the public health, we would like to give a message of eating more fruits and vegetables because it is a positive message.But, he said, unfortunately, people only eat fruits and vegetables, and a reduction in the total amount of food from attracting without clear steps to reduce weight can't be recovered.

kaizer said more research needs to be activated so that you can specify more than one contains components for the standard diet to lose weight through maintaining and more could be investigated.

Fatigue moves likely lies in people: Research

According to a new study of people physically active more than tired people do lie.Experts say that fatigue can have many causes but it is the most important role in sleep.

Fatigue is human nature quickly improve. Apparently, man himself and tries to keep away from bad behavior, but tense, according to the research conducted by this is not in his power.A new study of American experts have found deep relationship between pattern and ethics of energy in the western area. Harvard Business Review, the result of a survey published in the report of this assumption that good people do good things only while the bad guys are considered bad in fact.But the present reviews that good people can have bad behavior and this is their moment, and other papers on the pressure.Harvard University-affiliated researchers awake early in the morning, the address that the team of people as a result of fatigue in the evening is likely to lie or cheat in.
Similarly, when I woke up in the morning, people throughout the night as the loutish abuse is likely to.Experts say that eight hours of sleep, the thought of enjoying calm appears much better in terms of energy level because a pursuing less due to immoral or bad behavior gets more difficult to resist. Analysts have focused on the biological clock srcadin ridhm new research body that controls the natural sleep and when I woke up keamal for a very long time, and it is attached to.Analysts said that some people wake up early in the morning are accustomed to naturally while on the contrary some of them late at night Found the habit of getting up to.However, researchers have shown that the possibility of ethical and non-ethical ways to sleep throughout the day can appear in the form of attitudes.Experience in the first part of the analysis of the behavior of the participants at the time of the morning, analysts say, in which participants were asked to solve a simple problem from matrecs. 
The number of participants to the task to be nemkmal after the examiner informed that according to their answers to solve the problem was to pay them extra money each additional.During this experience, participants were unaware that their work identified by their names, but they can be anonymous with task completion by the idea continued to gain a reward. Analysts saw that experience the most erratic or fraud for those who had the habit of getting up throughout the night included in that.During the second study participants It was said throughout the day from two different tasks to complete. These issues early in the morning and at night after 11 pm time was asked to solve. As a result of this experience, researchers managed to find out that night awake early in the morning session by jalsazi more victims. Similarly, in the middle of the night, the morning session highlighted by those who cheat appear dilation.Awake in the morning, in the first clear night with the results because of exhaustion may be likely to more abuse and more likely to speak early in the morning for those who lie all night stars for two types of people in such times of the day in the energy level is very low due to bad behavior and the ability to overcome the mandahone is very low.

Rays of the Sun to cure high blood pressure

The importance of sunlight and Sun has been recognized for centuries. Medical experts say that where there is a recognized the importance of human health for this state of mind is also in effect.Benefits of tooth and bone strength is usually sunny sinkine is associated with. But based on evidence gained from a medical research that scientists have suggested that high blood pressure in people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke vitamin d supplements can be recommended as an alternative medicine.

The team of Australian scientists say that although this also before high blood pressure patients have been advised to eat the Sun, but the results were not presented as proof of evidence. However, this is the first study in which this type of vitamin d (vitamin d) or the lower level of a strong link between high blood pressure and has been found.The study, published in the medical journal and is the scientific magazines linsat Europe and North America, 146,Jnyati statistics from the database of 500 people was used; the University of South Australia, especially among scientists associated with these jnyati analysed the blood types that affect the level of vitamin d as well. After which he circulated in the blood vitamin d and high blood pressure may be a link between the born.

As a result, the amount of vitamin d that at 10 percent and reduce the risk of high blood pressure, add the higher Tension 8.1 percent lower as well.Scientists said the high blood pressure, stroke, and kidney disease stroke stress disorder is high blood pressure in patients with Higher Tension while reducing the side effects such as cough, dizziness etc that include general medicine. Therefore, vitamin d from supplements can benefit the patient.Research leader Professor Elena said the high blood pressure medication side effects and in view of the cost associated with vitamin d supplements with blood pressure control is very attractive treatment.
Experts said it's an important advance of research that vitamin d is an important role in reducing high blood pressure. But in this regard are required to pilot experiments on a large scale, after which physician BP patients are affordable and effective medication of vitamin d may be able to suggest.Rays of the Sun to the human body Absorption makes vitamin d by. However, experts say that balance is important to sinkine the Sun.How our body need sunlight, depending on our health depends on the health, age and skin. Excessive radioactive rays from the Sun can be dangerous, but also totally confused attitude of not right because there are numerous benefits to the human body from sunlight.

Boiling water should be used to help protect against stomach diseases, Medical experts

Medical experts said that the monsoon season with stomach diseases in boiling water to stay safe should be used to protect them from diarrhea, especially in children, be sterile watering. The famous physician Dr. Sheikh Mohammad Nasim said that most of the water-borne stomach diseases are threats by using a Ziad.He said that before eating and drinking well cleaned with SOAP hands. He said that because of pollution the deadly gerasm join our gastro-intestinal disorders of food, and children are the first victims of ٖFood Poison. Dr. Sheikh Mohammad Nasim said in the rainy season, the river of the water of the Brooks and a drainage pipe to join clean drinking water also makes it unusable to that protection must be strictly on the principles of health ,Clean and boiling water should be used. He said that during the rainy season of fresh fruits and vegetables are to be used and not used food items should be resident.

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All Living organisms need Food


They Need it as a source of raw material to build new cells and tissues as they grow. They also need food as a source of energy . Food is a kind of fuel of living organisms like automobiles require petrol or diesel. In living organisms food drives essential living processes and brings about chemical changes. It provides materials to maintain various processes of life such as reproduction, respiration etc.
Living organisms can be divided in to two groups on the basis of their mode of nutrition.
1. Autotropghic organisms
2. Heltrotrophic organisms

1. Autotrophic organisms: Organisms , which can symthesize their own organic compounds (Food) from inorganic raw material taken from inorganic to pass through the cell-membrane. Most of the autotrophic are photosynthetic e.g Plants, algae some Bactria etc.

2. Heterotrophic Organisms: Organisms, Which are unable to synthesize their own organic compounds (food) from simple inorganic nutrients. They obtain synthesize food from their environment. many of the organic molecules found in nature are too large to be absorbed unaltered through cell membranes and they must first be digested i.e broken down into smaller , more easily absorb ale molecular units. 
The food of heterotrophic organisms consists of following components.
1. Carbohydrates 
2. Proteins 
3. Fats 
4. Vitamins 
5. Minerals 
6. Water

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Brain Main part of the men


Certain areas of the brain are greatly enlarged to deal with all the information arriving from the ears, eyes , tongue , nose and semicircular canals.

The medulla is involved in the breathing rhythm, heart rate, swallowing and vasoconstriction of the arterioles. These basically involve reflex actions but all are influenced by nerve impulses from other parts of the brain, e.g. the hypothalamus and the cerebrum. For example , the breathing rhythm can be altered voluntarily for speaking and singing.

The cerebellum is principally involved in maintaining balance and coordination movement. It revives sensory impulses from stretch receptors in the muscles and from the semicircular canals and utriculus. It sends motor impulses to the muscles. However, it is in the cerebrum that the pattern of movement is 'decided' and relayed to the cerebellum, which makes sure that the systems work effectively together.

The cerebrum is the largest part of the brain and consists of two cerebral hemispheres. These are highly developed in mammals, especially humans, and are the regions concemed with intelligence, memory, reasoning ability , acquired skills and consiousnesss.

In the cerebral hemispheres , there is an outer layer of cells, the cortex, with  hundreds of thousands of multipolar neurons making possible an enormous number of synapse connection between the dendrites.

The cerebral hemispheres are basically the 'command center' of the brain and to a large extent. the output from the other regions depends on the instructions from the cerebrum.

Balanced Diet with Your Health

A Balanced diet contains adequate amount of nutrients. It help in proper growth, metabolism , and maintenance of good Health.

Unfortunately despite extensive research , it is not yet possible to say exactly how much of each type of food a person must take in order to satisfy all of its requirements. The problem of doing this is complicated by the fact that the body's food requirements vary according to age , body size ,sex , occupation, and Health.

For Example children need more food for their proper growth. Youth on the other hand need more food that elderly people because of their active physical work.

It has been recommended that an average adult healthy person requires the necessary adult healthy person requires the necessary energy 50 percent from carbohydrate, 40 Percent from fats and 10 percent from proteins. Fats are necessary in diet as they contain fat soluble vitamins as well as fatty acids.

It is also recommended that adults should eat at least 1 gm of protein per kg of body weight per day. How ever infants should be given 2 gm per Kg from birth to six months it is further suggested that 60 percent of daily intake should consist of animal proteins since this contains more essential amino acids.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Importance of Water in Your Life

IMPORTANCE OF WATER IN LIFE:-  All living organisms are composed of water plays many roles for cells.

1. Water as a Metabolite:  All the chemical reactions taking place in living organisms are called metabolism. Water provides the medium for meta-bolism , In many metabolic reactions, Water is either consumed or released.

2. Water as a Solvent:  Water is called a universal solvent because it dissolves a great number of solutes.

3. Water as a Medium of Transportation: Water acts as a medium of transportation in living organisms. Plasma, the liquid part of blood , transports glucose around the body.

4. Shape and Support: Water is needed to maintain shape and support for living organisms. Turgidity maintains the shape and supports plants . Hydro static skeleton supports aquatic animals.

Health Problems Related to Nureition


1. Under Nutrition: This is the problem of the poor countries of the world. There is insufficient food for the people there. During under nutrition, a person's diet is deficient in the required calories. Children having under nutrition suffer from a disease called marasmus. In this disease, children especially and people generally are reduced to a skeleton, there is almost on flesh on the body . Under nutrition especially effects the children not only physically but also mentally.

2. Malnutrition:  It is a condition in which a diet is missing in one or more essential nutrients . It has very bad effects on health. If it is continues for long periods especially under special circumstances such as during pregnancy or immediately after child birth.
If malnutrition happens during the period of location, it may cause irreparable damage to the infant leading to a number of abnormalities including mental abnormalities.
If a human diet lacks essential elements or nutrients, the body will fail to synthesize vital compounds and the person might suffer from various diseases. 
It has been noticed that malnutrition is the major cause of death among the children up to the age of five in the developing countries . Deficiency of protein in the diet increases susceptibility to disease besides retardation in growth.

3. Over nutrition:  It is the Problem of the developed countries where people eat too much. Obesity is the most common disorder due to over nutrition Obesity is the cause of a large number diseases too.

Diabetes in Children

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease characterized by chronic hyperglycemia and results from either defects in insulin secretion/ insulin action or both. The incidence of type 1 diabetes varies between different countries and ranges from as low as 0.1 to 57.6/100,000. The Highest incidence has been documented in Finland and the lowest in China and is mostly in children 0-4 years of age.
Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is characterized by autoimmune destruction of the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreatic islets, leading to abnormal glucose tolerance and eventually ketoacidosis.
Currently the diagnosis of T1D leads to lifetime dependence on injections of exogenous insulin to control blood glucose levels . Unfortunately, control is difficult to achieve but is needed to avoid fluctuations in glucose concentration and prevent micro vascular damage and long-term complications.
The choice of insulin regimen will depend on many factors including age, duration  of diabetes, Lifestyle (dietary patterns , exercise schedules, school) targets of metabolic control and particularly individual patient / Family preferences. The treatment of diabetes in many parts is still regular insulin mixed with intermediate acting insulin in twice daily doses.

Now, insulin analogues have been developed and are in use all over the world, of which three rapid acting types are currently available for children (aspart, glulisine, and lispro) and the basal insulin analogues are glargine and detemir. Bolus/basal therapy that combine premeal aspart of lispro with glargine or detemir insulin has emerged as the 'Gold Standard' for intensive injection therapy provided through multiple daily injections (MDI) for adolescent and adults. An insulin pump (continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion) is currently the best way to imitate the physiological insulin profile and is an alternative to treatment with MDI. Its use has been increasing and proving to be successful in most of the western countries.

Glycaemic control is assessed by regular monitoring of blood glucose at home and 3 monthly HbA1c measurements. Insulin adjustments should be made until target blood glucose levels and target HbA1c are achieved. Recently much emphasis is being given on managing diabetes with consistent massages and specific target set for young people by the pediatric team. Studies have shown a strong association between the target glycaemic control set by pediatric doctor's team and that perceived by adolescents and their parents. It has also been shown that it is the centers effectiveness in implementing the treatment regimen that affects metabolic control and not the insulin regimens.
Currently large number of are being conducted which include role of vitamin D3, oral insulin, nutritional intervention (docoshaexaenoic acid) etc for prevention of type 1 diabetes . Long - term studies of the safety and efficacy of insulin analogues in children and development of islet cell transplantation as a therapy for T1DM are also being conducted.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Malaria updates in Pakistan

40% of wold population is at risk of Malaria, with nearly 500 million cases and around on million deaths / year, 70 - 80 % of which occur in children under five years old.
Malaria in children has long term effects as it causes Anemia & Malnutrition leading to poor health, poor cognitive development , missed school days, eventually leading to poor social outcome in future.
Cerebral malaria causes death & disability with permanent neurological sequele in 5 - 20% of survivors.
increasing drug resistance has increased malaria morbidity & mortality in recent years despite control measures being available for more than 50 years.
it is imperative that we manage Malaria in children according to standard guidelines recommended by WHO & National Malaria program to provide effective treatment and prevent emergence of drug resistance . As cheaper & effective treatment and prevent emergence of drug resistance . As cheaper & effective drugs like Chloroquine loose their efficacy against Falciparum, and are replaced by costly drugs like ACT , it is even more important to confirm Malaria by M.P or R.D.T before prescribing antimalarial.
However for treatment of suspected Malaria in 5 years children in High risk areas will continue to be treated according to IMNCI Strategy.

Burns in Children : ABSTRACT

Burns in Children : ABSTRACT: Burn injuries are a formidable challenge for health care professionals. Infants and toddlers are frequently the victims of the scalding burns. During the five year study period , 239 cases of burns in children were managed at the department of pediatric surgery surgery , 169 patients were male and 70 female . Age of patients ranged from 2 days to 14 years 62% cases presented with scalding burns and the major cause was immersion in hot weather and in 31% of cases the cause was fire, while 6% of cases the cause of injury was electricity. 

Nearly all of the cases were accidental except two. Majority of the cases were managed on conservative measures. The surgical procedures performed included ashcarotomy, skin grafting, release of conjectures with grafting while amputation of a limb or part of limb was needed in four patients. Hospital stay ranges from 1 day to 2 months. out of 239 patients , 208 (87%) improved and discharged 5 (2%) refereed to burn center at Karachi and 16 (7%) patients expired.
The majority of the burns are accidental in origin and can be prevented by family and community education, community based programs and legislative changes.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ventral and dorsal side of the frog's Heart

The heart of frog is a muscular and conical organ located in the body cavity between the oesophagus and sternum. it is enclosed in a membrane called pericardium. it contracts and expands continuosly thrughout the life. This contraction and expansion of heart is called heartbeat due to which blood keeps circulation in the body. The heart of frog consists of three chambers:
1. Right Auricle or Atrium
2. Left Auricle or Atrium
3. Ventricle
The two thin walled atria from the broader anterior part of the heart. Right atrium is larger than the left atrium. Ventricle forms the conical , thick, uneven walled, posterior part of the heart.
A broad vessel, truncus arteriosus originates from the ventral side of ventricle and triangular sac called sinus venosus opens into the right atrium. Each brand divides into three arches (arteries). A thin walled triangular sac called sinus venosus opens into the right atrium. Both the truncus arteriosus and sinus venosus are not true chambers of the heart but often called accessory chambers. However, some biologists consider them as chambers of heart which beat in a rhythmic manner. First of all sunus venosus contracts then the two atria followed by the contraction of the ventricle and in the end truncus arteriosus contracts. Deoxygenated blood from the whole body except lungs is carried to the sinus venous by two precavals and one postcaval . Sinus venosus opens through an aperture into the right atrium. Oxygenated blood from lungs is carried to the left atrium by two pulmonary veins. Both the atria open jointly by and aperture guarded bya valve into the ventricle. 
The two atria, the right one with deoxygenated blood and the left one with oxygenated blood contract simultaneously to push their blood whereas on the two sides the blood remains unmixed as the bloaod passes very fast from the ventricle. Ventricle contracts to push the blooad into truncus arteriosus through an aperture guarded by a value . From truncus arteriosus the blood enter the Pulmonary arteries which carry the blood to lungs for oxygenation and , The systematic arteries which supply the pure blood to all parts of the body and , the carotid arteries which supply blood to the brain. 

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Disorders of Respiratory system and Health Risk Associated with Cigarette Smoking

According to world health Organization (WHO) smoking could become the world's biggest killer by the year 2020, causing more deaths than any other diseases.

1. Smoking :
Smoking affects the lungs . Heavy smoking can also damage the heart and blood vessels. Non-smokers are also effected if they spend much time in the a room with people who are smoking. Cigarette smoke contains three main ingredients . These are nicotine , tar and carbon mono-oxide. Each of these has its own effects on the body.
Nicotine is addictive. Once the body gets used to it, it is very hard to do without it .  it increases the heart beat and blood pressure and causes hear diseases . Tar increases the chances of getting lung cancer. where as carbon mono oxide is poisonous.
2. Bronchitis:
it is the inflammation of the bronchial tubes , which may be caused by smoking or by bacterial infection. when a person smokes , tiny particles in the smoke get caught on the lining of the trachea and bronchial tubes . Extra mucus is produced and the cilia stop beating. The mucus collects in the bronchial tubes and this gives rise to the 'smokers cough'. if the tubes become infected, the person may get chronic bronchitis chronic means long lasting so the disease persists.

3. Tuberculosis:
it is another disease of the lungs caused by bacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) which destroy the lung tissues. it can be diagnosed by chest X-ray and sputum test. At one time T.B. was one of the most common causes of death, but modern medicine has now nearly cured it.

4. Lung Cancer:
To day lung cancer has taken over from T.B as the major killer. in luing cancer a growth develops in the wall of the bronchial tubes . This blocks them, so breating becomes more and more difficult . The lung Cancer can be detected by chest X-ray. If a growth is visible , it is removed by surgery ir may be destroyed by radiation therapy. 
Other Common respiratory Diseases are: 
Laryngitis------------ inflammation of the larynx
Pneumonia-----------servers inflammation of the luings, caused by a type of bacteria (Pheumococcus).