Sunday, September 7, 2014

Boiling water should be used to help protect against stomach diseases, Medical experts

Medical experts said that the monsoon season with stomach diseases in boiling water to stay safe should be used to protect them from diarrhea, especially in children, be sterile watering. The famous physician Dr. Sheikh Mohammad Nasim said that most of the water-borne stomach diseases are threats by using a Ziad.He said that before eating and drinking well cleaned with SOAP hands. He said that because of pollution the deadly gerasm join our gastro-intestinal disorders of food, and children are the first victims of ٖFood Poison. Dr. Sheikh Mohammad Nasim said in the rainy season, the river of the water of the Brooks and a drainage pipe to join clean drinking water also makes it unusable to that protection must be strictly on the principles of health ,Clean and boiling water should be used. He said that during the rainy season of fresh fruits and vegetables are to be used and not used food items should be resident.

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