Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dengue fever vaccine will be available next year in preparation for success

Dengue fever a vaccine have been medicine organization against sanofi pastior is produced. Today, it is being tested on children affected by the virus. According to global media dengue fever vaccine being ready to misuse of different stages of experiments are on. In this regard, the results of the clinical trial are the latest to be positive but despite all that, the experts are the concerns. Their stance is that it cannot be said with certainty that this vaccine so far, dengue fever is, according to the extent to which effective against pastior three-stage experiments sanofi, and during this time will be different clinical trial rental. In this regard, the results of the first phase of the clinical trial, while the other commonly inject 60.8% are proved to be effective and in this way the original goal has been achieved. 60 this medication.8% effective means to be dengue cases by half, according to its makers, is the lack of medicine organization by using the number of severely ill individuals sanmofi vaccine also will be reduced to a large extent, according to an estimate of 15 million people each year worldwide, dengue is the most number of them are children. Due to the correct medical resources available, as well as several hundred people die: yet they shall flee away. Yet there is no mention of how this injection will be the price. However, the drug makers Institute consists of two decades on his research so far has spent 1.3 billion euros. Next year there are plans to register this vaccine until mid-2015, so that it could be available in the market in the second half.

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