Monday, September 8, 2014

A human being is every 40 seconds in the world, suicide: said WHO

According to a report by the World Health Organisation who in the world every 40 seconds to take his life by suicide a person takes.The report said suicide is a major problem of ' healthcare ' often people in society are to speak. 

Incidents of suicide in the year 2020, who wants to scale down 10 percent, but warned that there is a strategy to prevent suicide in only 28.Social workers say that in this regard, 
There is a need for more education on the school level from all over the world WHO committed suicide on 10 years of research and analysis of the data in a variety of ways.The analysis of makhs is as follows: Eight million people annually take their lives by suicide.It is the second major cause of death in the 15 to 29 years. People over the age of 70 years of his life are more at risk of infections. One-third of those who commit suicide was related to low paying class. 
Suicide deaths in rich countries women are three times more than men 's.According to the report, fire arms and siriley to reduce the access to suicide from a reduction in the incidents of chemical materials and suicide prevention strategy at the national level for the difference in such a strategy but less than tratat was adopted.The World Health Organisation (who) Chief Dr. Margaret Chan said that in order to deal with a major public health problem, 
This report measures goes on to speak of. This is a problem in society, people often are to speak.Connect mental health issues People don't go to the doctor because of a social spot, which is why they tend to commit suicide.Who said Hollywood actor Robin oilyams's death by suicide in the media as to the details of the report reporting incidents were also criticized.Rupert was said to countries in the steps to help those who have in the past tried to commit suicide, because suicide is more at risk to them. Bangaman be campaigning against suicide in Britain told the BBC that I think should be a heightened awareness of suicide and people believe that they need to be thinking of how to respectfully with people to commit suicide.He added that "the level of awareness about suicide and schools should be more on education for young people, it is known that figures to take their lives are more at risk of infections.

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