Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Health Problems Related to Nureition


1. Under Nutrition: This is the problem of the poor countries of the world. There is insufficient food for the people there. During under nutrition, a person's diet is deficient in the required calories. Children having under nutrition suffer from a disease called marasmus. In this disease, children especially and people generally are reduced to a skeleton, there is almost on flesh on the body . Under nutrition especially effects the children not only physically but also mentally.

2. Malnutrition:  It is a condition in which a diet is missing in one or more essential nutrients . It has very bad effects on health. If it is continues for long periods especially under special circumstances such as during pregnancy or immediately after child birth.
If malnutrition happens during the period of location, it may cause irreparable damage to the infant leading to a number of abnormalities including mental abnormalities.
If a human diet lacks essential elements or nutrients, the body will fail to synthesize vital compounds and the person might suffer from various diseases. 
It has been noticed that malnutrition is the major cause of death among the children up to the age of five in the developing countries . Deficiency of protein in the diet increases susceptibility to disease besides retardation in growth.

3. Over nutrition:  It is the Problem of the developed countries where people eat too much. Obesity is the most common disorder due to over nutrition Obesity is the cause of a large number diseases too.

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