Sunday, September 7, 2014

Eating more fruits and vegetables does not lose weight: New Research

How to fill their bellies with fruits and vegetables to reduce weight usually is used as a strategy.But researchers at the University of Birmingham, albama attached to an effective way of losing weight this time-tested prescription is declared.Experts say this review several studies showed no reduction in body weight, eating more fruits and vegetables does not occur.Researchers have fruits and vegetables in tech and weight loss effects of more than 1,200 participants, focusing on statistics, which were obtained as a result of the pilot experiments, to seven controlled used in the analysis.The results of that analysis of diet fruits and vegetables have the slightest effect on the displayed weight loss.

In the journal clinical nutrition hiding research experts has said that in the context of a healthy diet to lose weight You have to reduce the in-tech kilorez (Harare).YouTube-public health school, instructors and researchers in the team of Catherine Kaizer said, I do not think that just eating fruits and vegetables is an efficient method for weight loss. Because fruits and vegetables combined with any food, even food, weight loss isn't likely.

He said that while in the past where these fruits and vegetables have been associated with an increase in the weight down, but no evidence was found in their research that moves weight from eating high amounts of fruits and vegetables.He said the use of vegetables and fruits is very useful in this respect that vitamins and fiber are combined with the same food.

Kaizer the benefits of fruits and vegetables, said the importance of weight in place of healthy food for people Assumption of using more and more fruits and vegetables, according to the results of the very common, but not in those Diet imare was seen eating fruits and vegetables which were Diet.

Catherine kazier from the point of view of the people, according to the public health, we would like to give a message of eating more fruits and vegetables because it is a positive message.But, he said, unfortunately, people only eat fruits and vegetables, and a reduction in the total amount of food from attracting without clear steps to reduce weight can't be recovered.

kaizer said more research needs to be activated so that you can specify more than one contains components for the standard diet to lose weight through maintaining and more could be investigated.

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