Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Burns in Children : ABSTRACT

Burns in Children : ABSTRACT: Burn injuries are a formidable challenge for health care professionals. Infants and toddlers are frequently the victims of the scalding burns. During the five year study period , 239 cases of burns in children were managed at the department of pediatric surgery surgery , 169 patients were male and 70 female . Age of patients ranged from 2 days to 14 years 62% cases presented with scalding burns and the major cause was immersion in hot weather and in 31% of cases the cause was fire, while 6% of cases the cause of injury was electricity. 

Nearly all of the cases were accidental except two. Majority of the cases were managed on conservative measures. The surgical procedures performed included ashcarotomy, skin grafting, release of conjectures with grafting while amputation of a limb or part of limb was needed in four patients. Hospital stay ranges from 1 day to 2 months. out of 239 patients , 208 (87%) improved and discharged 5 (2%) refereed to burn center at Karachi and 16 (7%) patients expired.
The majority of the burns are accidental in origin and can be prevented by family and community education, community based programs and legislative changes.

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