Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rays of the Sun to cure high blood pressure

The importance of sunlight and Sun has been recognized for centuries. Medical experts say that where there is a recognized the importance of human health for this state of mind is also in effect.Benefits of tooth and bone strength is usually sunny sinkine is associated with. But based on evidence gained from a medical research that scientists have suggested that high blood pressure in people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke vitamin d supplements can be recommended as an alternative medicine.

The team of Australian scientists say that although this also before high blood pressure patients have been advised to eat the Sun, but the results were not presented as proof of evidence. However, this is the first study in which this type of vitamin d (vitamin d) or the lower level of a strong link between high blood pressure and has been found.The study, published in the medical journal and is the scientific magazines linsat Europe and North America, 146,Jnyati statistics from the database of 500 people was used; the University of South Australia, especially among scientists associated with these jnyati analysed the blood types that affect the level of vitamin d as well. After which he circulated in the blood vitamin d and high blood pressure may be a link between the born.

As a result, the amount of vitamin d that at 10 percent and reduce the risk of high blood pressure, add the higher Tension 8.1 percent lower as well.Scientists said the high blood pressure, stroke, and kidney disease stroke stress disorder is high blood pressure in patients with Higher Tension while reducing the side effects such as cough, dizziness etc that include general medicine. Therefore, vitamin d from supplements can benefit the patient.Research leader Professor Elena said the high blood pressure medication side effects and in view of the cost associated with vitamin d supplements with blood pressure control is very attractive treatment.
Experts said it's an important advance of research that vitamin d is an important role in reducing high blood pressure. But in this regard are required to pilot experiments on a large scale, after which physician BP patients are affordable and effective medication of vitamin d may be able to suggest.Rays of the Sun to the human body Absorption makes vitamin d by. However, experts say that balance is important to sinkine the Sun.How our body need sunlight, depending on our health depends on the health, age and skin. Excessive radioactive rays from the Sun can be dangerous, but also totally confused attitude of not right because there are numerous benefits to the human body from sunlight.

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