Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rupture of the Heart and may cause Death

When a person in the memory of a loved weeping John to be passed, we are saying that the death of heart breaking scientists. The ideology of old age, according to truth and showed that the grief and the loss of you to supplement deadly damaging.

in a study has been observed that a friend or reasonably close relatives in the human body death fight infectious diseases of enormous impact on different ability. Research tells that is why there is no widow woman or man immediately after his companion's death to do, even though his health this time of the accident is undeniable.

Research on the subject at the University of Birmingham team., according to which the population of our blood is called troves, which are bacterial infection by new deadly diseases such as pneumonia, etc., are we safe from fighting, he said. This niotrovles of the effects of trauma are affected badly. At the time of this research were scientists from the blood of men and women affected by the recent trauma, a sample of niotrovles observed that the ability of these cells to fight against germs shock on impact? In the event that they were not affected by the new trefoils trauma of youth over the age of 65, while the new trefoils trauma as a result of the longer people are no longer able to compete with germs THE deadly infection, which face the pneumococcal form. Dr. said that in this regard the killer pneumonia sockets. Dr. said that this deadly diseases to spread the bacteria are around us and the deadly are When a person of the fight against the new Trofils ability and I lost some people shock at the effects of personality that they take their life is essential medicines are forget

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