Thursday, September 11, 2014

Eleven years old SC regularly encounter pornography on the Internet :Research

Online pornography had roots are embedded in our society that something like this, the new generation has to say that, during online activities at random each day they face because of pornography and pornography Internet old unwillingly to access pornographic material is very easy.

A recent UK survey of young people in hobbies and activities online information has been received and reviewed the negative effects of pornography online.

Most of those polled said the youth these days and immoral or offensive to exchange photos and videos has become a routine matter and consider it part of their daily routines.

Institute of Public Policy Research, "reviewed the report, United Kingdom 11 years old child regularly online pornographic material or not an individual face and 14 years of age, 54% of the web porn and nude videos began to see turn.

The youths 68 percent twenty first century in schools to meet the needs of the sexual education of support and a young man from every three says that primary school children to negative pornography must be informed and it is much better for them if they sexual education in primary parties knowledgeable about it.

Institute of international Dania glem head which was under the leadership of this survey said that youth in the life of online pornography poison has been full online pornography of young people like the formation of behavior is a very disturbing situation toward the.

Online safety N.S.P.C.C. head of suspects lily has warned that online pornography children on this point of view may be a common and sexual behavior is considered acceptable because of this trend young boys to girls understand anything of a show and On the other hand girls are themselves in the shape of the film and actresses on more line seems to be.

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